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  • 6 Finding a doctor to treat Toxic Mold (23)
    • 4 Doctors in United States (17)
      • Experts   1. Dr. Marinkovich - best for mold allery like symptoms. 2. Dr. Shoemaker (Pocomoke, MD) 3. Dr. Johanning 4. Dr. Herman (Sacto) 5. Dr. Gray (Arizona) 6. Dr. Ordog in LA
      • Dr. Ordog - Los Angeles, CA   23206 Lyons Ave. (661) 799-1689
      • Vincent Marinkovich - California   tel: 650.482.2800; fax:650-482-2802 810 Brewster, 220, Redwood City, 94063
      • Dr. Hermann - Sacramento, CA  
      • Dr. Sherry Rodgers - New York »   phone 315-488-2856
      • Dr. Kalpana Patel - New York   716-833-2213
      • Dr. Eckardt Johanning - New York »   Dr. Eckardt Johanning P.O. Box 3148 Occupatinal & Environmental Life Science Fungal Research Group, Inc. 650 Warren Street Albany, NY 12208 518/459-3336 e-mail at
      • Dr. Busher of Seattle Washington   Types of treatments prescribed: STRICT diet - for fungal infection, yeast overgrowth Immuno Therapy - for allergies/hypersensitivities to mold Nystatin - kill yeast/mold Spornox Nasal Spray - kill mold in nose Cholestyramine - encapsulate toxins
      • Dr. Graham, Tennessee   865-675-7964
      • Jeannette G. Warner, MD   5200 Babcock St., NE Palm Bay, FL 32905 Office Phone: 321-722-1933 Office Fax 321-722-0744 Cell 407-257-1171
      • Dr. Shoemaker - Pocomoke, MD »   The best doctor for treating mold toxin exposure.
      • Dr. Kelly, Lansing, MD   Saginaw St
      • Dr. Van Strickland, Wichita, Kansas  
      • Dr. James Craner, M.D., M.P.H., Nevada  
      • Dr. Portnoy who is in Kansas City at Children's Mercy Hospital  
      • Andrew Campbell - Texas   Dr. Andrew Campbell Spring, Texas (near Houston) 281-364-1013 Center for Immune and Toxic Disorders. Rumors are that he is not board certified (?)
      • Suggestions from someone on toxic mold survivors   Dr. Michael Harbut (Environmental/Occupational Medicine) (the Adult counterpart to Dr. Dearborn, the children's mold specialist in Cleveland) 118 N. Washington Ave Royal Oak MI 48067 248-547-9100 Dr. Gerard Williams -Neuropsychology Vicki Cox - evaluator (she is also evaluting children for Dr. Dearborn) 6201 Miller Rd Swarty Creek MI 48473 810-630-1152 Dr. Robert Spitzer - Neurology 20180 W. 12 Mile Rd #10 Southfield MI 48076 248-358-3299
    • AAEM »  
    • American Academy of Environmental Medicine  
    • Medi-Net »   Toll-free: 888/275-6334 For a fee* Medi-Net accesses databases from the AMA, three federal agencies and all 50 state medical boards to provide basic background information on a doctor and whether he or she has been disciplined for billing fraud, overprescribing, incompetence or another offense. *$14.75 for one doctor when ordering from the website ($29.99 when calling).
    • American Board of Medical Specialties »   47 Perimeter Center East, Suite 350 Atlanta, GA 30346 800/776-2378 This organization will tell you whether a doctor is board certified or board eligible in a particular area. “Board certified” means the doctor has completed two additional years of training and passed a national examination. “Board eligible” means that the training, but not the test, has been completed.
    • American Medical Association (AMA) »   Department of Physician Data Services 515 N. State Street Chicago, IL 60616 Through the AMA you can find out about a doctor’s educational background and areas of medical specialty and whether or not the doctor is a member of the AMA. You can also check the American Medical Association Medical Directory at your local public library or bookstore.