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  • 6 Overview (11)
    • 6 Navigation (3) When reading outlines, you control how much is visible.
      • Expand/contract subitems   Click on the blue arrow next to an item to expand or contract its list of subitems. Use Ctrl+Click to expand all or collapse to the first sublevel.
      • Zoom in   Click on an item's title to zoom in on its list of subitems.
      • Zoom out   Use the Location menu on the left to navigate upward in the outline hierarchy.
    • 6 Lists of lists (6) An outline is a list of lists. Each list item stores the following information:
      • Title   Each item contains a short title (up to 250 characters), which is emphasized in bold.

        The title may be hyperlinked. Read on.
      • Link   Optional. If an item has a link, then the item's title serves as the clickable text for a hyperlink.
      • Description   Optional. A free-form field which may contain HTML.
      • Count of subitems   The total number of subitems stored under an item is shown in gray parenthesis.

        If an item has subitems and no link, the the title serves as a hyperlink to the sublist.
      • Expand/contract state   When you save an outline, Dynamic List stores whether each item's sublist is expanded or collapsed.
      • Behind the scenes, more information is tracked   For each item, the user and date/time are recorded at item creation and for the latest modification.