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Export "The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling"
  • Export Templates  
    Use these templates to export and reuse your outlines elsewhere.
    • Dynamic List  
      • Standard »   Dynamic list with expand/collapse nodes (no drill-down).
      • 4 Top-level paragraphs »   Top-level nodes as paragraphs.
        • Top-level nodes are displayed expanded as paragraphs instead of bullet points.
        • List contains no hyperlinks for editing or for drill-downs.
        • A single HTML page (may easily be e-mailed).
    • HTML  
      • 4 Static outline »   Unordered HTML lists.
        • Rendered using <UL> and <LI> tags.
        • All list nodes are expanded.
        • Copy to another document using cut-and-paste.
      • 4 Static outline with style sheet »   Similar to static outline, expect outline elements reference a style sheet classes.
        • Elements reference a simple style sheet.
    • Text  
    • RSS  
    • XML